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Chuck Berry is a Pimp, Literally
Highest Court Eighth Circuit
Year Ended 1959
Plaintiffs Federal Prosecutor(s)
Defendants Berry, Chuck
Other No Other parties on file
Short Description Chuck Berry was charged under a federal sex trafficking statute for bringing a 14-year-old Apache prostitute from El Paso, Texas, to work at his night club in St. Louis, Missouri. Berry was found guilty by a jury at trial, but appealed, arguing that the trial was unfair based on the conduct and remarks made by the trial judge. Because of the disparaging and racist nature of the remarks made by the trial judge, the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals held in favor of Berry and awarded him a new trial before a new and impartial judge. - SKR

Legal Issues
Criminal Law Federal Crimes Interstate Transfer of Prostitutes (Mann Act)

Opinions Berry v. U.S.
283 F.2d 465
Eighth Circuit , October 28, 1960 ( No. 16446 )

Berry v. U.S.
364 U.S. 934
Supreme Court of the United States , January 09, 1961 ( No. 545 )

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Berry, Chuck ( Defendant )
Federal Prosecutor(s) ( Plaintiff )

Legal Issues
Criminal Law / Federal Crimes / Interstate Transfer of Prostitutes (Mann Act)

Eighth Circuit (highest court)

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