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1. Bassist Wants REAL Job Back
Highest Court Seventh Circuit
Year Ended 2010
Plaintiffs Band Member(s)
Defendants U.S. Postal Service
Other BANG!
Short Description U.S. Postal worker, Kenneth Truhlar, sued the postal union and the Postal Service for being fired for securing outside employment while receiving disability payments, when he earned around $8,000 from a stint as bassist for a modern incarnation of an obscure early 1970s rock group called "BANG!" The court entered judgment for the union, holding that failing to honor Plaintiff's grievance was not arbitrary, and that Plaintiff failed to establish that the union breached its duty to represent Plaintiff fairly during the grievance process . - LSW & SKR

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2. Disabled and Unable to Rock
Highest Court E.D. North Carolina
Year Ended 2008
Plaintiffs Band Member(s)
Defendants Federal Entity and/or Official(s)
Other Accelerators
Short Description Plaintiff, an unsuccessful musician and former leader of the band the "Accelerators," released four albums and only made a profit of $900. Plaintiff began having chronic migraines which prevented him from holding a job and pursuing a career as a musician, leading him to apply for disability benefits. Although the Social Security Administration (SSA) initially denied his claim for benefits, the court remanded his case back to the SSA for reconsideration. - SKR & LSW

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3. Disabled Bassist Wants Aid
Highest Court Fifth Circuit
Year Ended 1987
Plaintiffs Back-Up Musician(s)
Defendants Federal Entity and/or Official(s)
Other Berry, Chuck
Hampton, Lionel
Otis, Johnny
Short Description An unfortunate story of a once-successful musician, who had previously bass for Chuck Berry, Lionel Hampton, Johnny Otis, and others, but whose life descended into a state of despair. After losing his hearing and thus being unable to perform music, Plaintiff was a government employee until terminated for absenteeism. He sued for disability benefits, but was ineligible since he hadn't worked the job the required period. - LSW

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